January 29, 2015

Sport has always been very important in my life. Already when I was little, I thought walking was just so slow, so I started running everywhere! That’s why my mom signed me up for athletics training when I was 6 years old. I enjoyed it so much that I continued the trainings until the first ...


January 25, 2015

I feel so inspired! I already gave myself a makeover – changing my hair from white to brown – and now my blog got a transformation as well. It’s all part of growing up, discovering myself, a new phase in my life. When I started this blog I was really into the visual aspect of ...


January 18, 2015

Hi all! Today I had another photo shoot. I had 5 different looks, and you can see one of them below, the glamorous look. We were shooting in a photo studio in Soho - the place to be if you're looking for nice pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, music and theatre. I'm gonna make evening dinner now! XX  


January 17, 2015

Today's shoot: boho wedding! I was wearing some amazing dresses from Minna and jewellery from Jolita.  Although it was like 5°C outside, we went to a very large grass field to shoot the pictures. Since it was outside, we where really dependant on the weather, but luckily there was a nice sunshine most of the ...


January 16, 2015

Hi all! I just got back from a fitting for Lui's - I'm walking in their show next week! Then tomorrow shooting bridal wear with my friends Julie and Carleen, with whom I shot the pictures below as well. It's so much fun to "transform" into another person on a photo shoot. One day you ...


January 14, 2015

Hi all! How are you? I'm being super busy lately, but.. enjoying so much that I'm able to do all that I love. I can do such important research at a top university (Imperial College is always in the top 10 universities worldwide), and I have the blog which I'm so passionate about. I also ...


January 12, 2015

Mixing different prints is totally acceptable, right? Here I wear snakeskin printed pumps combined with a black and white stripped sweater. We (Sascha and I) took these pictures at Paddington, where we went to see Little Venice (which is as the name suggests interspersed with waterways). It's a really nice place with all the boats ...


January 11, 2015

Hi all! Today I was shooting with my friend Natalie for her new collection. I met her.. about a year ago, and immediately loved all her collections, so I was really happy that she asked me to shoot with her! I got really awesome hair and makeup done; you know this latest trend in fashion ...


January 7, 2015

Hi all! Like I wrote here, I decided to wear this scarf as a pencil skirt! Okay, technically it's nothing, 'cause I bought it in the fabric store. Anyway, I never wore a long pencil skirt like this, and for some reason I feel really Kim Kardashian in it... Ooh perhaps you noticed the layout ...