February 22, 2015

These last few days have been so hectic, but so much fun! As you might know London Fashion Week kicked off last Friday, and it couldn't have started any better; I was walking in one of the shows! But let me start from the beginning. Last week I attended the casting, which basically means that ...


February 17, 2015


February 16, 2015

Buy less, choose well, make it last. Vivienne Westwood lives by this motto, and shouldn't we all? I like the idea of a clean wardrobe, not too much stuff to pick from, and every item good quality. It's something I wrote about before, but has started rolling now. I'm decluttering my wardrobe and stopped spending ...


February 12, 2015

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and what can I say, I’ve been through all the phases; I hated it, I loved it, and everything in between. Being in a relationship for 5 years now, we know that we love each other every day and not just on the 14th of February. We give each other cute ...


February 6, 2015

Days are flying by so fast, but we (Sascha and I) experience so much beautiful things in London! I'm hopping from one job to the other, from uni to modelling, and all so great. There is always so much going on here, I feel like living in the centre of all the action. For instance ...


February 2, 2015

I'm spending my days in colourful outfits and even trying new - new for me - colour combinations. For this one, I tried a combination of blue and orange, and you know what.. I love it! Usually I automatically assign orange items to the "don't like" category, but something inside me changed when I saw ...


January 29, 2015

Sport has always been very important in my life. Already when I was little, I thought walking was just so slow, so I started running everywhere! That’s why my mom signed me up for athletics training when I was 6 years old. I enjoyed it so much that I continued the trainings until the first ...


January 25, 2015

I feel so inspired! I already gave myself a makeover – changing my hair from white to brown – and now my blog got a transformation as well. It’s all part of growing up, discovering myself, a new phase in my life. When I started this blog I was really into the visual aspect of ...


January 18, 2015

Hi all! Today I had another photo shoot. I had 5 different looks, and you can see one of them below, the glamorous look. We were shooting in a photo studio in Soho - the place to be if you're looking for nice pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, music and theatre. I'm gonna make evening dinner now! XX