Sooo much wind when I took these pictures. Half of the pictures I took my hair is in my face, but I got a few good shots at the end ;) I’m wearing a classic combi: high waist Levis 501 denim shorts, with over-the-knee boots (mine are from H&M old collection, these are similar, and I love these). Then my two winter essentials, a fitted grey knitted sweater and a mid-long black coat, and still loving my every day bag from Carlo Pazolini. Alright guys, gotta get to work again! Just a few days before the Christmas break! On Friday I also have another Christmas party at uni, but I’m not how long I will go there since I’m flying to Netherlands early morning on Saturday!


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Walking the 3D printed dress on the runway! Always so serious face, haha :) I was walking in this fashion show a few weeks back, and now some pictures came online. They shot a video as well, that should come out any time soon I guess. I really enjoy walking the catwalk, but it’s so different from photoshoots! For catwalk, you get your hair and makeup done, and then it’s just waiting.  The event organisers are usually freaking out over everything (shoes that don’t fit, zippers that break, models that are not in place, the light that’s not good, and the list goes on). Then finally it’s the moment to walk, maybe one or two times, a finale in which everybody walks once again perhaps clapping, and that’s it. Most of the time it’s just waiting, but the excited to go on the catwalk is worth the waiting. Then there’s photoshooting, which usually takes up half a day to a day. You get your makeup done maybe once or twice during the shoot, then you can go creative on the posing and just have a good time with the other girls (or guys). Most excitement is only after a couple weeks when the pictures are finished! But both are really nice to do. I kinda rolled into the modelling world through my blog, and really like the variation of working on the laboratory on the one hand, and having my blog/modelling on the other hand. Sometimes it feels like living in two complete different worlds. In the science world, the most important thing in life seems to be unravelling how this invisible thingy does something to another invisible thingy, and how this causes a disease. In the fashion/blogging world, the most important thing in life seems to be expressing your creativity and sharing  this with others. I don’t think I could ever decide what’s more important to me..


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LFW 2014 catwalk behind the scenes

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London College of Fashion opening of the show


A few more pictures from Yesterday :) It gets dark so quick these days, and I don’t like to use the camera flash! Yesterday I gave it a try with the graffiti wall, with which it seems to match. It’s not bad, but I still prefer natural light, so we took outfit picture earlier the day too, I will upload them later this week. I’m gonna make some food now! It’s going to be wraps ;)


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Brick Lane, one of the most hipster places in London. Totally worth a visit when you’re here! You’ll find A LOT  of vintage clothes, emerging designers and food. Enough to spend a whole day, especially on the Sunday Market, like yesterday! Not to mention the Spitalfield market that you cross when walking to Brick Lane from Liverpool Street Station. Sascha and I went there yesterday, but a bit later on the day ’cause we can go back any time, but if you’re in London for a short stay, make sure to go in the morning. I especially like to see the stalls/shops of emerging designers, they’re all so talented! And then the food.. just too much good stuff to choose from, but we did it anyway :) A fruity juice, thai street food, and Nutella crêpes! We also walked past by he Cereal Killer Cafe. Basically a cafe where you can have any type of cereal you like, really any type, and you can even put together your own perfect cereal! It’s a new shop so people where queuing up to get inside. Such a funny idea! Never a boring day when living in London!


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This photoshoot from a few months back got published in Elléments Magazine! We’re wearing beautiful lingerie from Sonata and Arabel, while “eating” a delicious cake. Well, we didn’t eat the cake during the shoot, but afterwards, it was so good! What do you think about the hair, crazy huh, very Marie Antoinette. It took forever to get it like that, totally worth it ;) I love to get crazy hair/makeup on a shoot, be someone else for few hours and then get back to normal life!

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Photographer – Julie De Moura // MUA – Carleen Gordon // Hair – Zydrune Petrauskaite


Hi all! Today I had a fun photoshoot for a jewellery brand. We started with some very minimalist pictures, to really focus the attention on the accessories. Then continued to shoot the jewellery in different outfit styles. I would totally wear the all-black outfit from the pictures, especially with a shirt underneath :P I love the jacket; scuba fabric, check;  awesome details, check; biker chic, check; Alexander Wang could have made it, check check ;) Tonight Sascha and I are chilling in from of our laptops and will watch a movie in a bit. Yesterday we had the Christmas dinner downstairs in the common room. We had a lot of fun with some new friends that we made – there are so much people living in this building, we meet new people every party! So we were having a good time and at one point a new guy joins the conversation. He moved in last week – almost everybody moved in 2 months ago – so he didn’t knew anybody yet. So he joins our group and later on he tell us what happened to him earlier on the evening. He is from Turkey, and in Turkey – apparently – guys kiss each other on the cheek. So what did he do; he wanted to introduce himself to some new guys and bended forward to kiss him on the cheek.. uhh, so that other guys jumps away like, what are you trying to do!? Then that guy tried to ignore him by talking to other people, thinking that the Turkish guy was gay (like it matters). Until now the Turkish guy didn’t get the chance to explain the situation to the other guy. Such a funny story on how cultural difference can cause confusion. A bit unfortunate for the Turkish guy though. Well, you know it goes, one funny story remembers someone else to another, and before you know it it’s 3am. What else, ooh at one point someone ALMOST smashed a window.. piñata is such a cool game, haha. And I ate to much candy, uugh. Guess that was it ;) Tomorrow nothing on the agenda!


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In between the Christmas dinners, a quick blog post :) I love chilling in a grey suit! I made the pants myself (similar), to match the sweater (similar). To make the outfit a little less “home chic”, I matched with black heels (sold out, similar here), a plain white blouse (similar), and two body chains. The gold body chain is from River Island (here in silver), and the silver one from H&M. Gold and silver don’t match? Mmhh, I don’t really think so, at least for this look! I look so pale in these pictures, just compare to summer holidays, haha. I think it also has a lot to do with the amount of sleep that I get, or rather that I don’t get! Okay, I’m off again for Christmas dinner ;)


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Shooting outfit pictures isn’t always easy! Most of the time it’s the weather; wind, rain, cold, even too sunny can be annoying. And sometimes you just feel like being silly on every pictures. Usually non of these pictures appear on my blog, but here you have a few :) I think that I did upload the first picture on the left.  It was one of those times when I was just playing around, but the outfit seem to match with that :) I must have a lot more of these – especially more crazy jumping pictures, like the one with the blue trouser, I can’t remember what I’m doing there.. But it’s such a pain to go through all the pictures :P Anywayy.. tomorrow I have two Christmas dinners, a lunch with the uni gang and evening dinner at the student accommodation. So lots of fun :) And, Sascha and I booked our tickets to the Netherlands! We’re going home for Christmas and a bit extra, so 10 days. We’ll be back in London before new years eve, to celebrate in front of the London Eye like last year. This year you had to buy tickets, but we already bought them like three months ago. I’m really looking forward to see family and friends in the Netherlands, and to celebrate new years eve with Sascha in beautiful London!

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Still loving this coin and fringe necklace :) I paired it up with two body chains, the triangle necklace, and a classical nude blazer. The neckalce I’m wearing is from H&M, but I couldn’t find it online and haven’t seen in any more in store either.. but there are more around the web! Check the necklaces down below and I will put the links here; top right, middle right, bottom left, middle left. Ooh what do you think of the hoop earrings? I used too wear them sooo often during high school! They’re still quite nice to wear every now and then, right ;) Today I was working from home, still writing on the paper for uni. The good thing from working at home is that I could go to the gym during lunch break! While I was at the gym my laundry was spinning in the machine, woohhoo.


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