March 31, 2015

One of my favourite songs at the moment; King by Years & Years. The lyrics doesn't mean a lot to me though, it's about feeling controlled by somebody and wanting them to let you go. Anyway, I really like the sound, just makes me feel so happy and free and relaxed! I asked Sascha, "how ...


March 30, 2015

When the flowers start to bloom, it's definitely the first sign of hope that warmer days are coming! It's so very lovely! I just want to wear flower print skirts and dresses, and put flowers in my hair. And how nice it was today to have sunlight even after 7pm . Today I slept late ...


March 29, 2015

Hi all! Today , Sascha and I went to visit The Shard. It's the tallest building in Western Europe, and provides an amazing view of London! We enjoyed a nice day out in London, which is something we do almost every weekend, but never get bored of . Around 5pm we headed to The Shard ...


March 24, 2015

Heyy all! I'm so ready to go all summery-boho, but the weather won't let me just yet . No problem, I can still wear my favourite boho items.. all layered up! This look is definitely way out of my comfort zone, but I do love it! It's nice to try different looks and just go ...


March 20, 2015

This morning started of so cloudy, I totally missed the solar eclipse. To be honest, I was like "ughh it's soo dark and grey every morning lately", only realizing a few hours later that it was actually the solar eclipse, haha. I knew it was today though, just totally didn't think about the time. Anyway, ...


March 19, 2015

Hi all! These last two weeks I'm just going with the flow. You know. You wake up, have your morning ritual . Sascha usually leaves a bit earlier than me, 'cause he has to travel further , and we always say "see you in a bit" . In that way it feels less like working ...


March 17, 2015

I love to read about other peoples favourite products and try them myself, so here's my share. After all, finding your favourite products is a long process of trial and error, so it helps a million if other people recommend a product! I'm starting with my favourite products for the lashes, the hair and the ...


March 13, 2015

Following up on the braids inspiration post, here you have the braid from the back. It's a bit messy, but the thing is, that's okay! It goes with the playful outfit as well. I bought the trouser on one of my usual Zara shopping sprees . It adds that much needed pop of colour to ...


March 10, 2015

I love this kind of music! This is another song from my "Feel Good" playlist on Youtube, which I'm listening waaay too much - I'm listening to it as we speak. It recalls sweet Summer holiday memories..