Today I did some shopping with my mom (and put the camera in her hands, hihi). I bought a new external hard drive to back up my data/pictures. The worst thing is when the laptop crashes and everything is gone, so that ain’t happening to me! Btw, an external hard drive is a very good Christmas present ’cause everyone should backup data. My outfit today consist of just oldies (except the bag). The majority of my clothes are here in the Netherlands, and I get surprised by what I have every time I’m here! The coat and heart print tight are from Asos, maybe a year ago. This coat is similar, and they still have the tights. Then there’s my beloved Rum Moto Boots, from Jeffrey Campbell. I didn’t bring them to London, ’cause they’re slightly too big for me, so I don’t wear them that often after all, too bad. I’m wearing a black dress from Chicwish, but I can’t remember where I got the beanie and scarf. At least this beanie is similar.


UK fashion blogs nederlandse fashion blogs carlo pazolini bag outfit inspiration heart print tights

UK fashion blogs nederlandse fashion blogs carlo pazolini bag outfit inspiration

heart print sheer tights Asos UK fashion blogger nederlandse fashion blogger

uk fashion blogs nederlandse fashion blogs outfit inspiration heart print tights

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I’m wearing so much black lately.. it just happens during the winter season. This outfit is from last week when Sascha and I went to Brick Lane. It was quite a challenge to take the pictures with so many people walking on the background (or walking right through the shot), but the result is a really high street style feeling. So, what am I wearing; a black tights underneath the culotte, one of my favourite shopping boots, grey sweater, snood scarf, chunky knitted beanie and oversized blazer coat. Some links are the real thing, some are similar items. I wish I could give the real thing link for all the items, but it’s not possible ’cause some items can’t be found online (anymore). Today I didn’t do much, I trimmed large tree branches from a tree in the backyard, and did a little Christmas-decoration-DIY with a branch from the fir tree that’s in the front garden (this tree is there all year round though, very convenient during Christmas). I also continued reading Dutch Vogue, love it!


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Nederlandse fashion blogs UK lifestyle blogger all black minimalism blogger outfit streetstyle

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A new year asks for changes! Are you one of those persons going crazy in H&M every week, or are you saving for your next designer item? Probably somewhere in between, like myself, but perhaps we should try this latter, more minimalist, way of shopping. That is, just buy one item a month or perhaps only one per season, and spend a bit more on this item. Why? This item will probably be a more thoughtful purchase, and is therefore more likely to be worn (a lot)! In addition, this one is simple, less clothes means less exploding closets and less clothes flying around your room! Sounds good to me, but it’s easier said than done.. Nevertheless, I gave it a try last month and did buy less than usual (not sure what I’m saving for yet). If I also get rid of some clothes, this will hopefully help to get my closet less exploding! #newyearsresolutions


minimalism wardrobe essentials minimalistic blog minimalist closet reorganise your closet

I’ve been catching up on Vogue Nederland to which my mom is subscribed. So I’m reading, watching, flipping the pages, and suddenly I find this interview with Marjo Kranenborg! I shot this video with her about…a year ago (check two posts about it, here and here). It was the start of BLCK, a platform for everything black. She wears just black clothes (and a bit of nude), and has recently launched her first dress design: a black leather dress that comes in two lengths. Still she prefers to be called a stylist, rather than a designer. It’s awesome to see that her design is in stores now, and has already been worn by Cécile Narinx (Editor in Chief of Harper’s BAZAAR Netherlands).



Ooh yes, party season! Did you decide on THE outfit yet? Perhaps you get inspired by the latest trends, and my favourites around the web :)

Sequins party dress inspiration and trends, what to wear with new year's eve

Sequins; It might be a bit too much for the Christmas dinner, but definitely a winner for a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve! P.s. anything shiny will do the job as well (glitter like the slip-on shoes, or metallic).

V-back dress // Sequin purse // Matching suit // Slip-ons


culotte party outfit inspiration wide ankle pants christmas new year's eve

The culotte; The what? The wide, ankle-length pants that I’m wearing here. This is definitely the latest thing, all the way back from the seventies. What’s more comfy to wear during the Christmas dinner than a wide fitting pants! A perfect match with the crop top.

Pink culotte //  Neoprene top // Mint purse // Black heels


feather dress party outfit inspiration latest party season trends 2014 2015

Feathers; A lightweight decorative that reminds of vintage glamour, plus, they dance when you dance!

Pink dress // Blue purse // Pumps // Necklace

Fringe party dress inspiration 2014 2015 what to wear to a christmas party

Fringes; An ever recurring trend. Check my cow girl version from a few months back! For this season, no cow girls please, rock the dance floor with swinging shiny fringes!

Fringe dress // Black top // Black purse

And I’m back on Dutch grounds! This morning, really early, Sascha and I flew back to the Netherlands. We just had like 1 hour of sleep last night, so I slept the entire 45min flight (jup that’s how short it is), which made it feel even shorter! We only took some hand luggage, and I decided to wear all black (with some white details). This outfit contains all of my favourite (winter) basics, with a touch of Chanel. Lol, you see the white toto bag, months ago I ironed this dripping Chanel logo on it. That time I bought 3 plain white toto bags, and also made one with a diamond (I can’t find this outfit post..), and one is still plain white. Decorating your own white toto bag is probably the most simple DIY out there, but really fun! Ooh you see, I’m wearing my glasses. I really need either glasses or contacts (I have minus 4 on both eyes, really shitty).  I was also wearing a big black backpack, but you can’t see it on the pictures. What did I bring? Not a lot; Christmas presents, camera, laptop, Vogue UK, mascara and stuff for my contacts, that’s it! Ooh and some fruit that I didn’t want to waste. Now I’m sitting at home with a cup of tea! Sascha went to his parents, and we probably see each other in 10 days at the airport again.

XXUK fashion bloggers, nederlandse fashion blogs, travel outfit

Minimalistic long black coat // Black jeans // Dark blue turtleneck knit // Black knitted snood scarf // Black gloves // Carlo Pazolini trapeze bag // Nike Air Max 90 whitewanterlust UK travel blogs nederlandse bloggers reizen

I haven’t worn this Aztec print dress for a while! It’s sold out now, but this one is so similar. Paired with basic black pumps, an elegant bag (similar here), and.. a dark blue men’s sweater (similar here). Throw on a long coat and this outfit is winter proof!  I think this dark blue/grey colour of the sweater is a nice match with black, a good variation to the all-black outfit. Soo today is the last day at uni before the Christmas break! I feel a little stressed though, because Sascha and I are flying to the Netherlands tomorrow early morning so everything that should be done here, should be done today. We need to sort out the fridge, or we’ll come back to rotten fruit/veggies… take out the trash, decide what we bring (it will only be hand-luggage, now that is a problem :P), and I still need to buy some Christmas presents, and I should go to uni now! These things always get me stressed, I’m not the best traveller. Although I like to go places, like being there, but I don’t like the travel. Well, the journey is more important than the destination is what they say right.. I don’t know about that for a real journey. Like being on the plane for a few hours, is that really more important than the destination, no way :p


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Nederlandse fashion blogs

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I still haven’t found all the Christmas presents yet, what about you? Luckily we can always fall back on: gift cards, clothes, electronics and books, but… when all else fails, there’s still the DIY projects. Just put some food/candy in a jar et voilà, done. Also, basically anything wrapped in see through foil makes it look a lot nicer, and you can put together a very personal gift in this way!

XXLast minute christmas gift ideas DIY Last minute kerst kadootjes DIY Last minute kerst kadootjes zelf maken

Homemade christmas presents

Sooo much wind when I took these pictures. Half of the pictures I took my hair is in my face, but I got a few good shots at the end ;) I’m wearing a classic combi: high waist Levis 501 denim shorts, with over-the-knee boots (mine are from H&M old collection, these are similar, and I love these). Then my two winter essentials, a fitted grey knitted sweater and a mid-long black coat, and still loving my every day bag from Carlo Pazolini. Alright guys, gotta get to work again! Just a few days before the Christmas break! On Friday I also have another Christmas party at uni, but I’m not how long I will go there since I’m flying to Netherlands early morning on Saturday!


black over the knee boots outfit ideas

UK fashion bloggers, Nederlandse fashion bloggers

Black trapeze bag celine lookalike

carlo pazoline black trapeze bag

levis denim shorts outfit ideas


Walking the 3D printed dress on the runway! Always so serious face, haha :) I was walking in this fashion show a few weeks back, and now some pictures came online. They shot a video as well, that should come out any time soon I guess. I really enjoy walking the catwalk, but it’s so different from photoshoots! For catwalk, you get your hair and makeup done, and then it’s just waiting.  The event organisers are usually freaking out over everything (shoes that don’t fit, zippers that break, models that are not in place, the light that’s not good, and the list goes on). Then finally it’s the moment to walk, maybe one or two times, a finale in which everybody walks once again perhaps clapping, and that’s it. Most of the time it’s just waiting, but the excited to go on the catwalk is worth the waiting. Then there’s photoshooting, which usually takes up half a day to a day. You get your makeup done maybe once or twice during the shoot, then you can go creative on the posing and just have a good time with the other girls (or guys). Most excitement is only after a couple weeks when the pictures are finished! But both are really nice to do. I kinda rolled into the modelling world through my blog, and really like the variation of working on the laboratory on the one hand, and having my blog/modelling on the other hand. Sometimes it feels like living in two complete different worlds. In the science world, the most important thing in life seems to be unravelling how this invisible thingy does something to another invisible thingy, and how this causes a disease. In the fashion/blogging world, the most important thing in life seems to be expressing your creativity and sharing  this with others. I don’t think I could ever decide what’s more important to me..


London College of Fashion Catwalk Show 2014 UCL LCF LFW

which makeup brushes do what

LFW 2014 backstage makeup

LFW 2014 catwalk behind the scenes

uk fashion models

London College of Fashion opening of the show