April 14, 2016

Hi all!! Just a little update on my favourite pieces at the moment! In short: a lot of black and white, and basic shapes :) Check below a pictures from a city trip to Prague two weeks back; I could live in this outfit! I can totally recommend this bomber jacket from Helly Hansen. I love ...


January 23, 2016

Well hello!! It's been a while.. like.. a long while. Just been doing a bunch of other things, and seriously had a bit enough of fashion and shooting outfit pictures. Maybe I still have a bit enough of that. Let's see. Anyway. I've been doing lots of yogaaa, and cheerleading with the uni team (we ...


November 5, 2015

Ooh yes. I love sequins, glitter, embroidery dresses, and I guess the season has arrived! Here you have some awesome inspirational pictures from Pinterest and some items to shop! XX Floral embroidery dress Motel Deep V Mini Dress in Baroque Sequin American Apparel Black Wrap Dress Embroidered lace mini dress gold Embellished Polo Sequin Mini Dress Crystallized sheer tights


October 18, 2015

Inspirational pictures from Pinterest and Weheartit, with some "shop the look" items in between! I already bought the black mohair-blend sweater, and loooving it! I could seriously live in this sweater for the rest of the autumn/winter season, and I consider to buy the grey one as well.. It would be so nice to pair ...


October 7, 2015

Some backstage pictures from London Fashion Week the Vin & Omi show! You can find the whole collection on Vogue, definitely check it out. I love the hair design by Daniel Galvin; for everyone they used 3 pieces of long black hair extensions and braided/knotted this structure into the natural hair! XX Thanks to the photographers: Alexander ...


September 27, 2015

Yesss, I like this all denim thing! For this outfit I just "recycled" some "old"  H&M pieces, 'cause, why not. Okay the main reason; my closet is way too full so before I'm gonna buy new stuff, I want to get rid of A LOT. Coincidently, yesterday I stumbled upon this blog post The Life-Changing ...


September 24, 2015

It's time to move rooms again! September/October is the time when new people move in and out from the student accommodation where I live. I will keep living here, but gonna switch from a double room to a single room ('cause Sascha and I broke up). So it's time to make a cosy little nest ...


September 13, 2015

Mmh it's time for some food blogging! This is one of my favourite snacks to make: Avocado and hummus quesadillas! It's dead easy ánd sooo delicious! Ooh and pretty healthy too ;) I make these quesadillas at least once a week and depending on what's in my fridge I'll vary the toppings, but this is ...


September 8, 2015

Wiiehhh, I'm back in London after a few fun days in Amsterdam and Frankfurt! I didn't bring my camera, so all the picture below are shot with the Galaxy S6 :) First I went to Amsterdam to shoot for the upcoming Temporary Fashion Museum together with Marjo, Marcel and Ellen. Unfortunately I won't be able ...