Wanties: JC Everest

October 23, 2012

I really can’t wait until I can put these beauties on my feet: Jeffrey Campbell Everest! With a little luck already this friday=D When I think of this I instandly get happy again, even though my Galaxy SIII went dead yesterday and I have to use my old nokia for 2 weeks! Of course I had to save some money in order to buy these shoes, I’m just a poor student:P But its definitly worth it! I think I combine them with.. everything

And now lets play a little game “search the difference(s)”. The left picture is from Nelly.com , the right from dollboutique.co.uk : Do you see it? The plateau is different! Apart from that, it’s totally the same.. so strange.. are there two models which I don’t know about!? If anyone knows, I’d like to hear;)  XX

Jeffrey campbell Everest black Doll Boutique Henry Cole Nelly review

I prefer the right one, which I ordered, you?

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  • kimmy
    October 24, 2012

    Those are really amazing, huge JC fan=)<3

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