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April 23, 2013

Hello hello!

I’m just in this moment that my room is a TOTAL mess! You know I have this little apartment (they call it a studio in Dutch – don’t know about English), one big room with an open -small- kitchen, a bathroom, separate toilet and a storage place. And there is mess almost everywhere :O Plates from 4 days before, clothing’s all over the place, storage place is stuffed with all kinds of stuff I don’t even wanna know :P and then the dust all over the floor.. Yes, I feel like a student right now:P BUT I’m gonna have a big clean up the coming weekend – REALLY! So I only have to put up with this mess for 4 more days :P Ok, of course I’m not gonna post pictures of this, hihi xD

But, I have indeed some NICE pictures for you! Recently I did a photoshoot – well not actually for photo’s, but for a short movie / Isn’t there 1 word for that or am I just being stupid :P / What was this film thing all about? In short: Marjo Kranenborg is planning to promote her new (fashion) brand BLCK. As the name suggest, this is all about BLACK -fashion! She’s been wearing black herself for over 25 years, just black nothing else. And she has good reasons for that: black is timeless AND ageless fashionable (ok, agreed with that), it also gives a chic feeling (ok, I have to agree on that as well), and she feels your personality will be emphasized, it’s about who you are, and not what you wear (again, I feel what she means). Yet, I don’t wear black (let alone, ALL black) that often. Why is that? I guess it just doesn’t catch my attention when I look for clothing’s! It doesn’t pop out of the rest. And I think this is indeed what Marjo means with black clothing drawing the attention to your personality and not necessarily to what you wear.

When the clip is finished, I will definitely show it to you =) For now, just some pictures I made when I was waiting for the set to get ready ;)

Now I’m really questioning if I’m going to translate this hugh story to Dutch, haha xD Ok, I let the Dutchies decide, do you want it in Dutch or not? Just leave a comment;) XX 

black shoes

black bathroom



black gloves



Hey, we gotta eat as well!




black mask

The view from the window: the famous flower market:)


And I could not resist to take some typical tourist pictures at the flower market, haha =D

typical dutch

pink roses

red roses

pink roses

  • Bibiche
    April 23, 2013

    Ik, als Dutchie heb het begrepen hoor! Ben benieuwd naar je short movie :)


  • denise
    April 23, 2013

    haha ik snap m ook!
    ben benieuwd naar t resultaat!

  • Par son
    April 23, 2013

    I am overwhelmed .

  • Vintagirie
    April 23, 2013

    Wauw, dat maskertje! En heb je echt je schoenen naast je wasbak/bad?

    • donia
      April 23, 2013

      Haha nee xD Het is niet bij mij thuis, maar het is de shoot locatie van de promofilm (voor het nieuwe merk BLCK). Het zijn ook niet mijn schoenen, maar de schoenen van Marjo (stylist en owner van het merk BLCK). De kleding en schoenen stonden in de badkamer zodat ik me daar kon omkleden, hihi;) Xx

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