Nike Running VS RunKeeper

September 17, 2013

As I said before, I went for a run today. Anddd I decided to compare the Nike Running app with the Runkeeper app. I started and stopped both apps about the same time (few seconds in between), and here is the result:

Nike: 6,48 km
Runkeeper: 6,67 km

Average speed
Nike: 5’54” (10.2km/h)
Runkeeper: 5’44” (10.5km/h)

Calories burned
Nike: 399 cal
Runkeeper: 515 cal

I guess it doesn’t really matter which one you pick if you just stick to that one! Furthermore, the Nike app informs you every kilometer (about your average speed and time), and the Runkeeper app does this every 5 min (your average speed and distance). I’m not sure, but you can probably change this to your preference in both apps.

 – I do think that 100 cal difference between both apps is quite a lot.. I personally think that 399 cal is more realistic. –

 Nike Running

Nike Running App



Run Keeper App

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