London Fireworks 2014

January 1, 2014

Hi all! Aaahh the fireworks yesterday was amazing! We arrived near the area around 5pm and went for dinner first. After that, around 7:30pm, we headed towards Victoria Embankment which is just opposite to the London Eye. Upon entering this area, we got a package with some candy and a LED wristband. All the wristbands light at the same time in the same rhythm, but with different colours. Until midnight we where entertainment with the wrist bands, the changing colours of the London Eye, and nice music. Around 11:30pm there was a nice surprise, something that first appeared to be just smoke-effect was strawberry smell! This was part of the “multi-sensory” theme.

And then finally came the countdown! As if the fireworks wasn’t amazing enough, during the whole show smells of strawberry, banana, apple, cherry and more passed by! At one moment the cloud started to fill with something that looked like snow, but of course this was also part of the show: “snow” smelling like peach. Later on, big bubbles which literally went up in smoke when they burst open, releasing orange smell. Woow so cool!

Really a great start of 2014! Hope yours was just as good =D


London Fireworks 2014

London Fireworks 2014 only 30 minutes to go


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