Three days to go

February 26, 2014

Hi all! Aaah only 3 more days and I will see Sascha again! He’s visiting me this Saturday for a whole week =D Although we did so much sightseeing last time during Christmas holidays, there’s still plenty to see in London. Usually I would be doing some Carnaval partying during this holiday in the Netherlands –  not a lot, just 1 or 2 days, but it’s always a lot of fun! But now I’m just so happy I will be seeing my bf again =)


Voor de mensen die carnaval gaan vieren, al een leuke outfit gescoord? ;)

Doniaz outfit

  • Hester
    February 26, 2014

    Ahhh hoe lang heb je hem al wel niet meer gezien? :O Veel plezier samen!

    • donia
      February 27, 2014

      Aah thanks! Heb ‘m al sinds kerst niet meer gezien :O

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