March 12, 2014

Hi babes! I had this skirt in mind, round shaped, see-through, plastic material, so I Google it.. et voilá, I find exactly the skirt I have in mind! Bought is last Sunday at American Apparel =D It will so nice with a white pencil skirt underneath! Only problem is that the skirt that I got came straight from vacuum and is all wrinkled now.. the shop assistant actually told me I could iron this skirt! Omgg it’s plastic! So obviously that’s not gonna happen – I told the shop assistant. Than he suggested to dry clean it.. so hopefully that will do. Unfortunately my shower has such a good ventilation that I can’t make my own steam room :P But I’ll figure something out! If you have any ideas, they’re welcome!


Transparent PVC American Apparel

Transparent PVC skirt – American Apparel

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