May 11, 2014

Hejhej! Today (oohh I see it’s already Sunday.. so I have to say Yesterday), was such a rollercoaster of emotions! So, I had to take the IELTS English exam, and of course I forget something very important, my registration form.. I don’t know how I could possibly forget this but it happened. I realized it when I was halfway there – MAJOR panic – , so I had to return with the tube, run home, get the form, run to the tube again, arrived 2 minutes before time, take the test for 3 hours, get to hear my oral exam is only at 7:30 (!!), had to wait allll day for it.. Ughh. But anyway, it’s over now and it went alright.

Tomorrow morning I have to go to uni.. I have to do some stuff at the laboratory – don’t now how long it will take.. Hope you have a better weekend xP


LOVE print top

Old picture

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  • meme gracia
    May 11, 2014

    looks retro . xx .

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