July 8, 2014

Hey all! Although I’m on holidays I don’t really feel like it.. I still have to fill out so many forms, send letters to my home university (because they need the official forms, no copies accepted), email everywhere, officially apply for the next study year, but can only do so when I receive my master degree, lalala etc etc. Ooh and fix a new place to live :) But luckily I do loads of fun stuff in between! Today I also found out that one of the projects I worked on has released their promo film: Lexus NX-Perspectives. It’s a project from Lexus cars, which I filmed with Studio XO. So excited for the full clip to be released! Go check the promo on my FB page =)

Watching the football now!


smoothie (1)

smoothie (2)

smoothie (3)

smoothie (4)

Smoothie with frozen red fruit and banana


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