October 20, 2014

Can’t get enough of this amazing bag ♥ Today I found the perfect winter jacket to match with it! It’s grey, (faux) furrrry, and so nice and warm. Probably not the best for rainy days, but at least it’s got a hood. Going to uni already feels like I never had the 3 month holidays; the working days are passing by so fast! Busy days at uni, after that usually going out to the beautiful city of London or do some shopping, have dinner, watch a Dutch tv show and crash in front of the laptop. Our desk is so small,  we’re nearly on each others lap, really cosy ;) Every evening I get to learn something new, ’cause Sascha likes to look up random stuff and teach me. This evening I learned/am learning about the UK underground system; how it developed over the years, how our nearby tube station looked like 15 years ago, what the first tube map looked like, and moreee, haha. I tend to forget stuff like that so quick, my general knowledge of the world isn’t the best – although there are times when I even surprise myself, in a good way. We don’t have a tv, so that isn’t helping either – I used to watch the news every morning. Anyway, hope you had a good day ;)


Carlo Pazolini black handbag

Carlo Pazolini black handbag

Carlo Pazolini black handbag

  • Thuy
    October 22, 2014

    very nice bag!

    • donia
      October 23, 2014

      Thanks girl!

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