October 25, 2014

Hi all! Today I was wearing all black – again – ’cause I went to a casting. I usually wear all black for castings because… models in general seem to do this, so I just go with the flow :P For the makeup it’s easy; you don’t wear it. Which is good, ’cause I rarely wear makeup anyway, just for parties. Before I went to the casting, I went to uni. You might wonder why I need to go to uni in the weekends, so perhaps I can try to explain: I work on the laboratory with cells. You might now these round transparent dishes from chemistry, in these kind of dishes I keep the cells. And…. cells are like pets, they need food, and a clean “cage” every now and then, or it this case a new dish. The cells that I have need new food every day, and a new dish every two days. So yeah, that’s what I need to do in the weekends when I go to uni, and sometimes more stuff on the lab as well. After uni I took some pictures from my outfit before the casting, then changed outfit and went to the casting. After that Sascha and I had lunch in central London and enjoyed the nice day. We still don’t have Halloween outfits, aarghh, the party is next week! I’m gonna check online now!

XX  Outfit inspiration all black Doniaz

Outfit inspiration all black Doniaz

Outfit inspiration all black Doniaz

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