October 30, 2014

Oohh what a day, we just finished evening dinner! For half a day I was working on the lab, then I went to Kensington for a long meeting until about 6pm, and after that I met with Sascha to go Halloween shopping. We decided to meet at some point in the underground, and luckily we found each other right away – luckily, ’cause if you don’t , it’s going to be very difficult since there is no wifi down there. When we arrived at the shop, there was huge queue, haha, but it went fast and we had enough to discuss about the day :) We went through the store until 9pm; we tried a couple things and had a laugh about all the funny costumes and accessories, and of course we bought some stuff! Then, finally, we went home and it was already past 10pm when I started to make dinner. I kept it simple: salmon and scrambled eggs with spinach. It’s one of those dishes I like to make when I want to eat quick! And noww, just going through the pictures that we took recently; wearing my new blue faux leather jacket. I ordered the jacket at Stylemoi, like the holographic skirt. It such a nice variation to the black leather jacket. Rest of the pictures will follow tomorrow :)


light blue leather jacket

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