November 22, 2014

It’s time for flashback Fridayyy! :P This was with my (faded) pink hair, and about to move to London. My room was a big mess, ’cause closets had been removed already and I just lay everything on the floor, like my mattress ’cause my bed was already gone. Woow it was such an effort, and I took so many little steps before coming to London, but it was all worth it! From the moving to all the paperwork, omg, the paperwork. I found these pictures when I was getting some space on my phone – I was at uni today waiting to start an experiment on the laboratory and the internet was dead so I decided to clear my phone’s memory. Ooh I definitely take too many selfies, haha. Or I start a selfie session with myself and a few pictures later get Sascha involved. First on the background, and then closer, closer, haha. I’m gonna save all the pictures on my computer so I can go through them for good memory feelings every now and then – not talking about the selfies here ;) Alright, it’s movie time now! We just finished a little karaoke session. I like to put the lyrics on the computer and sing along, the challenge is for songs you don’t now that well..

XX  doniaz pink hair


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