November 29, 2014

Heya! The weather was so nice today, not to cold and sunshinneee! That’s the kind of weather we need for the weekend! It was also good for the photoshoot I did today. I was shooting the garments from Ricardo, whom I met at the London College of Fashion show last Wednesday. I had hoped to wear his clothes at the show – they’re so amazing – but at least I got the chance today. The other girl that I was working with – Silvia – , was at the show last Wednesday as well so I already knew her, which was nice. She is so tall though, I felt like a midget next to her, haha, although I’m 1.73m.. Anyway, the shoot was really fun! Something weird happened to me in the morning though; while we where shooting I suddenly felt so faint and nauseous. So I had to stop for a bit and eat something, then everything was good again! I do have low blood pressure, but this rarely happens to me out of the blue. But I’m glad it was simply solved! At least I learned that I should always bring food with me at the shoot. The shoes we’re wearing are also from an upcoming designer, but I forgot the name, aargh. After the shoot I met Sascha at Oxford street, holy crap, so busy! So we went for some “shopping” at New Bond Street. Have you heard of it, or perhaps been there? In this street you can find all the world’s biggest luxury brands, so yeah, we weren’t really shopping. We started affordable, at Victoria’s Secret. There was a small queue to get in the shop, but at least this gave us a chance to have a look the amazing lingerie displayed at the window. Not just lingerie, but the outfits from previous fashion shows. Whoo, every little detail is perfect!  Then we went to Alexander McQueen, Chanel and more of that. It’s like art, I would love to see how they make those bags, shoes, clothes, jewellery.. I’ve looked it up on Youtube before, but to see it irl.. that would be awesome! Planning for tomorrow.. not much.. uni, and keep exploring London!




Behind the Scene // Photographer Cindy Benyskiewicz

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