December 20, 2014

Ooh yes, party season! Did you decide on THE outfit yet? Perhaps you get inspired by the latest trends, and my favourites around the web :)

Sequins party dress inspiration and trends, what to wear with new year's eve

Sequins; It might be a bit too much for the Christmas dinner, but definitely a winner for a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve! P.s. anything shiny will do the job as well (glitter like the slip-on shoes, or metallic).

V-back dress // Sequin purse // Matching suit // Slip-ons


culotte party outfit inspiration wide ankle pants christmas new year's eve

The culotte; The what? The wide, ankle-length pants that I’m wearing here. This is definitely the latest thing, all the way back from the seventies. What’s more comfy to wear during the Christmas dinner than a wide fitting pants! A perfect match with the crop top.

Pink culotte //  Neoprene top // Mint purse // Black heels


feather dress party outfit inspiration latest party season trends 2014 2015

Feathers; A lightweight decorative that reminds of vintage glamour, plus, they dance when you dance!

Pink dress // Blue purse // Pumps // Necklace

Fringe party dress inspiration 2014 2015 what to wear to a christmas party

Fringes; An ever recurring trend. Check my cow girl version from a few months back! For this season, no cow girls please, rock the dance floor with swinging shiny fringes!

Fringe dress // Black top // Black purse

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