April 7, 2015

Hii everyone! I’m so behind with my outfit posts.. the Easter break certainly interfered with blogging.. I did had a really good time with my family, going out and about in the Netherlands, just relaxing and catching up. Yesterday Sascha and I met at Eindhoven Airport and flew back to London together. We have a lot of travel options, but usually take the plane from Eindhoven to London Stansted [or the other way around], or the train from Liverpool Street Station to Brussels, then Brussels toward Schiphol Airport [or other way around]. To all Dutchies taking the train to/from London: buy your tickets on NS International, and not on the Eurostar website. It’s cheaper in many ways.

Today both Sascha and I took an extra day off to spend some free time together in London. The weather couldn’t have been any better! 18 degree and sunny [until 19:30, thanks to daylight saving time]. We slept late, went to the city center, had brunch, and afterwards chilled in our nearby park to watch the sunset [I took some pictures of the beautiful pink sky!].

Alright, now back to my very delayed outfit posts: It feels like forever since I’ve worn white denim, and honestly it felt so good! This jeans has been sitting in the back of my closet for months, only to be found accidentally when I was looking for something [some trainers that I probably took to the Netherlands, but forgot to check if they were really there]. The denim is quite thick, which I think is really essential for a white jeans to look nice [read: to not show underwear]. I mean, I can see situations in which showing some undies underneath a white trouser is fine, but surely not for a tight white jeans. Does that make sense? I have this jeans have for a few years already and at some point decided to cut the bottom to create a really chic but playful look. Added a bit more chicness with the nude heels, and a bit more playfulness with the denim gilet, and there you have my look.

Speak to you soon! I have a lot of stuff to post =)


white jeans denim cropped

snake print pump zara heels pointy

nederlandse fashion bloggers

denim gillet light blue distressed h&m

orange bag zara

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