May 12, 2015

The first picture below says everything; I need more sleep! Haha. No but seriously, I’ve been really busy these last few days, hence no blog updates. By the end of this month I need to hand in a report at uni, so I’ve been working long days on the laboratory, but I also tried to shoot outfit pictures and had a photoshoot on Sunday and another modelling job today. Sunday was a really cool artistic shoot with¬†Aleksandra Kingo, I love her style! Very colourful and funky [and tasty, check behind the scenes of the set here and here]. She took some fun detail pictures of my hands and feet as well, yikes, I hate feet :P Feet are just so weird.. haha. Anyway, I got reallyy nice curly hair for the shoot [check here]! Which I kept for the Monday. After the shoot I had to go to uni, and worked on the laboratory until 22 o’clock! On a Sunday evening! Sascha was so sweet to accompany me, to cheer me up :)

Today I went to Ravensbourne college [which is located in North Greenwich], to model the collection of the fashion degree students. They worked on the collection for a few good months, and now it was time to show it to a panel of judges, worn by me and the other girls. A nerve-racking moment for the students, but really fun for me and the other girls to wear such amazing creations. I love to work with designer students and starting designers, while they’re the future of fashion! Everyone did an amazing job and they received some¬†constructive feedback from the judges to incorporate in their final collections.

After the event [don’t know how to call it otherwise], I went straight to the laboratory again, ’cause I had some work to do! When I got home around 20 o’clock Sascha was preparing evening dinner, which I was reallyyy thankful for :D It’s just so nice when you come home after a long day of work and someone makes you food!

Speak soon, hopefully! ‘Cause that would also mean I have a bit more relax schedule :P


Here you have an outfit from last week, I’m a bit behind with my outfit posts!

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Dark green plaid scarf, cobalt blue beanie, grey oversized sweater zara H&M

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