May 20, 2015

After my latest all-black outfit, here an (almost) all-white one! I took these pictures in Holland Park where you can find me a lot lately now the weather is so niceeee. Alright, I’m gonna give you a little recap of my shoot in Kew Gardens last Friday; It was so much fun!!! Okay that was it. Lol, just kidding.

So Friday morning I arrived at Kew Gardens and waited for the Kew Gardens staff to pick me up (you can’t just enter the park, ’cause you need a ticket). Then I went on this golf-like buggy together with the make-up artist and stylist, and we were driven to the rest of the photoshoot crew who where already preparing the set at the cactus garden. Okay, I could have walked there, ’cause it was like five minutes, but the make-up artist and stylist where carrying heavy bags, and I was just like “whoop whoop I wanna go on the buggy too”. In the meanwhile I was getting all excited because Kew Gardens is sooo super beautiful, and by far the coolest location I ever shot! The cactus garden was located in a beautiful greenhouse, and was connected to a tropical greenhouse with water vapour dispersed about every 30 minutes [mmh the smell of the “tropics” is soo nice!]. In a little corner of this tropical area was the emergency room, our home camp for the day.

The make-up artist set up her stuff in the emergency room, and we also used it as the dressing room for the day [lucky there was no emergency during the day!]. After I got dressed and got hair and make-up done I went into the cactus garden again. Accompanied by the Kew Gardens staff I was carefully placed in between the cacti [which is apparently plural for cactus]! Obviously the “regular crowd” is not allowed to stand in the middle of the plants, but they make exceptions for photoshoots. Since I was standing in the middle of the plants with a whole crew around, plus photographer on a ladder, we kinda caught the attention of the visitors.. but all good, it was a lot of fun :) After the cactus garden we shot in the tropical area as well, and before I knew it my part was done! I wish to shoot in the Palm House, but that part was for the male model, aah can’t have it all, right, haha. I really wanted to go around the park after I finished but I had to go to uni to work on the laboratory, lol. Butttt… I will definitely go back with Sascha to see the Palm House and all the rest of Kew Gardens!


Fun fact: Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign was shot in Kew Gardens

Got curls on one of my other recent shoots, kept it for the day + 1 :)

Camel coat outfit inspiration (3)

Camel coat outfit inspiration (4)

Camel coat outfit inspiration (1)

Camel coat outfit inspiration (5)

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