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June 19, 2015

I had such a blast at the graduate fashion show last Wednesday! All the students are so talented and they all made an amazing 6 piece collection. Here you have a little impression of what happened backstage at the show!

10:55am – I was perfectly on time, and with 5 minutes before call-time I exit the North Greenwich tube station for a short walk to the show venue, the Ravensbourne College. I immediately met Tina [one of the graduate students], who walked me upstairs where I already got a glimpse of the catwalk. They were still setting up, but it got me very excited for the upcoming show! Passing the catwalk to the backstage area [which was basically the university library], the hairdressers transformed desks into dressing tables. Books were supporting mirrors, sockets were plugged with straightening irons and blow-dryers instead of laptops, and the smell of hairspray would soon make it’s way through the library corridors. I took a seat and let the Windle & Moodie’s team do its work. Windle and Moodie’s was responsible for the hair at the Burberry show only 3 days ago, so I was in good [read:great!] hands. I even got a quick trim [doesn’t that sound like I’m a dog?] after which the hair magic started. With an example picture attached to the mirror in-front, Jesus [with some help from Sia] started to work on my hair, and a lot of hairspray, combing and blow-drying later, they created the look envisioned by Victoria. In the meanwhile I said hi to the other girls arriving, of which I already knew a handful from previous shows/shoots.

Ravensbourne the degree show 2015 fashion catwalk

Windle and moodie hairdressers at Ravensbourne the degree fashion show

Windle and moodie hairdressers at Ravensbourne the degree fashion show (1)

When they finished the hair I went to explore the venue with some other girls and soon we ended up on the catwalk for a run-through test. While we did our little thing on the catwalk, the tech-team tested the cameras, lights, sounds, etc. After the run-through we chilled a bit backstage where one of the girls told us she still had to call in sick for work [so let’s keep her anonymous, haha]. She had to work at 5pm, but obviously she wanted to do the show and couldn’t change her shift [sounds familiar right]. So she called and said she had a tooth extracted, lol, haha. She already had the whole thing figured out, ’cause apparently you need to take a 24h rest after you get it done.. haha. Then her boss was like, “oohh come in, I give you a pill, you can do something else”. Can you imagine the awkwardness.. but eventually it was all “good”, well, kinda good. She just didn’t go, haha.

Before make-up they brought in some cutieee lunch bags with a sandwich, fruit, snacks and a drink. And you know what happens when there’s a bunch of food bags with different content, and you’re not sure what’s in each bag.. yep, food quartets! “Shall we swap sandwich”, “can I have your crisps, then I’ll give you my chocolate bar”. And soon it looked like this:

Fashionshow backstage

Then we got our make-up done by the girls from Christine Blundell Make-up Academy: a super natural look with white eye-liner, not even mascara! The second picture just reminds me so much of first year high school; the books in the background, the hairstyle. Just like I’m having one of those crazy 13-year old experimental hairstyle days, haha.

Ravensbourne fashion show backstage hair by Windle and Moodie


Okay, hair done, make-up done, let’s get the show started! We all went to the dressing area, lined up, and got assigned to our clothing racks. Each rack contained the outfits for one girl, and next to each rack was a first year student to help dressing between the runs. They misspelled my name, so I became Daja for some people :P Although at some point they called me Donja and then Daja again, haha. Sweetie girl Veronica helped me dressing during the show, and we were such a great team, always first in the new outfit! On the picture you see “my rack” on the right. I was walking for Yuni Choe, Elly Beckford (she was also creative director of the show),  Ebun Seyi, Kelly Goulias, Kirsty Goodison and Juliette Fox. During the show everyone was in such a good energetic mood, having so much fun, goofing around, but serious when necessary. I didn’t take any picture during the show ’cause it’s quite hectic – although Richard made sure every girl went out on time! – , but I took some during the fitting :)

Ravensbourne the degree show 2015 fashion catwalk (1)

Elly Beckford graduate fashion show the degree show 2015 ravensbourne

Fashionshow backstage ravensbourne the degree show


Already guys, I’m gonna leave it here. I will definitely share the video with you when it’s online and if you want to see some live action from the graduation award ceremony, tune in to The Degree Show.


  • kimmy
    June 19, 2015

    That sounds like so much fun!

    • donia
      June 20, 2015

      Thanks, it was indeed! Xx

  • tian
    June 19, 2015

    So cool, one day I hope to be a designer! I love the green/red outfit!

    • donia
      June 20, 2015

      That’s awsome! I loved that outfit too :D xx

  • Mila
    June 19, 2015

    Awesome! I would love to see the show. :D Looks really fun.

    • donia
      June 20, 2015

      Thanks, I’ll definitely link the show here, as soon as it’s out :):)

  • milex
    June 22, 2015

    • donia
      June 23, 2015


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