July 10, 2015

Oohh boy, what a crazy two days it has been! Yesterday I woke up early to work on the laboratory, after which I headed towards Heathrow Airport and catch my flight to Amsterdam to shoot with Marjo. The travel went smooth, although I had 45 minutes delay on both flights (and the flight itself is only 45 min, so yeah..). When passing though hand luggage control I got a drug test on my bag. “Just a random check miss”, uhh sure, I don’t believe in random checks, haha. Anyway, no drugs on/in my bag, surprise! When arriving in Amsterdam I was a bit lost, ’cause I didn’t have WiFi, so no Google maps, aaagh panic! So I just kept asking people until I arrived at Herengracht. There I picked up the house key at the neighbouring cafĂ©. In just a few hours I went from my student accommodation in London to a canal house in Amsterdam, funny how life can be like that. I had a mission to find some shoes for the shoot, but other than that I took it easy and tried to sleep a bit ’cause it was going to be a long – but fun – night!

traveling from London to Amsterdam

Around 8pm I got picked up by Radek, videographer for the shoot, and we headed towards the shoot location, a beautiful house in IJburg (east Amsterdam). Upon arrival we discussed the look for the shoot, but one thing was clear from the start: eyebrows needed to be bleached! Haha, I don’t mind. The plan was to make them brown again at the end of the shoot anyway. However, the shoot went on until very late (about 2am), and Sid who did the makeup had to leave by that time (poor girl had been up and working since 8am). Soo… she couldn’t colour my eyebrows brown again. But it’s no problem, I’ll find a hairdresser here to do it :)

After make-up, hair and nails (Sid got some great help from Niki), it was time to shoot! I can’t reveal any details about the purpose of the shoot now, so stay tuned for that! Anyway, I had a lovely time shooting with the whole team and Carin behind the lens. It all worked out so well! Everyone was so involved during the shoot! In the meanwhile Radek shot some video footage as well :)Photoshoot Amsterdam

By 1am it was time to record some more video outside! Very cold, but very worth it! We wrapped up the shoot around.. 2-2:30am after which Marjo and I headed to her place. I took a shower, and for some reason both Marjo and I where still very awake, so we chatted away another hour..

Photoshoot Amsterdam by night

Then the morning wasn’t too bad at all, considering it was just 3 hours of sleep.. Perhaps because Marjo’s bed is sooo comfy!

I woke up like this bleached eyebrows

Okay, the morning became a bit harder after Marjo dropped me at Schiphol Airport and I had to wait around because of a 45 minutes delay.. Well, I did have a very long breakfast because of that. Bought a smoothie, cheese sandwich and a blueberry muffin. Dayum, I was such a train wreck by that time xD When I arrived in London I was fucked by the tube strike and had to take buses instead. And finally I arrived at uni early noon, working on the laboratory to 6pm, lol.

aviator glasses

Traveling Amsterdam to London photoshoot

Now it’s already past midnight and I should probably go to bed.. haha.


  • Joanne
    July 12, 2015

    Wauw, die look staat je goed hoor! :) De shoot ziet er gaaf uit!

    • donia
      July 12, 2015

      Aawh thanks! Shoot was heel leuk, hopelijk kan ik snel de fotos hier posten :) xx

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