August 5, 2015

Remember I wrote about The Degree Show, the fashion show for degree students. Hair was taken care of by the amazing Windle and Moodie team (just three days after they where working the hair of the Burberry models!). They have a great salon in Covent Garden, and also produce their own beautiful hair products. At the Degree Show I was chatting with the guys and girls from Windle and Moodie, and I told them about my hair being bleached for two years and how it’s recovering now. They probably listened quite well, ’cause they send me some of they delicious products to try! I’ve been using the products for a few weeks now and realllyy like them. The shampoo and conditioner get my hair so soft, but the fragrance of the products does it for me! Mmh..  so good! Like no other hair product I’ve every used. After washing my hair, I use the foundation spray. The foundation spray will prepare the hair for styling, but I spray it regardless, ’cause it smells nice and gives a nice shine. For more volume there is the matte texture spray. A non sticky spray that gives extra volume, which they also use on photoshoots and fashion shows.

Yeah, I’m very satisfied about the products. Need to get me some new shampoo and conditioner soon, ’cause they’re going fast – and I need that fragrance in my life!

More hair talk: I still didn’t colour my eyebrow back to normal, lol. But I will soon make an appointment at Windle & Moodie, so they can fix it :) I did figure out that eyeshadow works wayyy better than just an eyebrow pencil to fill in my eyebrows. It’s almost not visible that my eyebrows are half brown half blond after I apply the eyeshadow (which is the reason I didn’t bother to colour my eyebrows yet). So if you still haven’t found the perfect way to fill you brows, try eyeshadow ;)



windle and moodie hair products review natural shampoo  no sulphates propylene glycol silicones parabens (2)

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flowers vase water carafe bouquet roses white purple  (2)

  • Hester
    August 8, 2015

    Ik gebruik ook altijd oogschaduw, works like a charm. Mooie foto’s!

    • donia
      August 16, 2015

      Thanks =D xx

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