January 23, 2016

Well hello!! It’s been a while.. like.. a long while. Just been doing a bunch of other things, and seriously had a bit enough of fashion and shooting outfit pictures. Maybe I still have a bit enough of that. Let’s see. Anyway. I’ve been doing lots of yogaaa, and cheerleading with the uni team (we have the competition against other cheerleaders next month!). I have a nice cheer outfit, lol :P I did do a nice shoot last week with my girl Julie <3 and also with Field.io.

I started to learn watercolor paining. Here I made myself some Jimmy Choos :)

jimmy choo anouk watercolor painting


And some pictures of the real deal and other black pointy heels. This model is called Jimmy Choo Anouk, and you can get them at Net-A-Porter. Also really pretty; these Louboutins called “So Kate”. They do look alike!

jimmy Choo London Anouk blac


black louboutins

jimmy Choo London Anouk black heels

black pointy heels

jimmy Choo London Anouk black bag



christian louboutin


  • Gina
    January 24, 2016

    I love the decolette! it’s perfect;)

    • donia
      January 25, 2016

      Totally agree! <3

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