April 14, 2016

Hi all!! Just a little update on my favourite pieces at the moment! In short: a lot of black and white, and basic shapes :) Check below a pictures from a city trip to Prague two weeks back; I could live in this outfit!

I can totally recommend this bomber jacket from Helly Hansen. I love the style AND the jacket is water and wind resistant! It’s also not too thick so perfect for the upcoming spring season (just remove the hoodie :) ). Seriously, I love good quality stuff that looks good too <3 Then.. the pants. Also a definitive favourite at the moment, from Freddy Store. It basically has an optical but-shaping effect.. aka the shape of the pockets on the back make your but look rounder and nicer and all that. It’s also a SUPER comfortable aka stretchy pants. I totally want to buy more of them. A light blue denim-style would be great for the spring/summer! I’m also still obsessed with white Nike Air Max 90. Here I’m wearing a new pair (my old ones turned kinda grey, couldn’t save them any more). What else.. this black turtle neck from Zara. I’m probably wearing it in the picture too. In general turtle necks are a real favourite at the moment, in all shapes and colours (well… not all colours, just black, white and grey). This sleeveless turtle neck top from H&M, in white and grey <3

Yess, that’s totally what I live in atm! I’m thinking of shooting some outfit pictures soon, now the weather gets better :P


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