March 30, 2017

Hi all :) Just a little update on my pole dancing adventures :) I’ve been training veryyy hard for my first competitions! In pole dancing you have 3 competition categories: beginners, intermediate and advanced. The beginners and intermediate category are limited in the moves you can do. Only in advanced you can do any move you want. So after almost 1 year of training I’m now competing in the intermediate category!

The first competition I did was last month in Essex, and it was the South East Regional University Competition, so competing amongst all the south east universities in the UK. Each university send one beginner, one intermediate, one advanced and one group performer. The added up scores determine whether, as a university, you can compete in the National competition. Only the two best (out of 10) university of each regional competition are allowed to compete at Nationals.

So, for the regional competition I did a Beyoncé inspired routine to the song Partition. The Partition music video is in turn inspired by burlesque performances at Le Crazy Horse de Paris. I must admit that I was sooo nervous for my performance, and had to deal with people coming back and telling me that “the poles are so slippery, I barely had any grip and couldn’t execute my moves well”. Okay, something I hadn’t really thought of while practising, because I usually have good grip! Anyway, it wasn’t that bad after all and hearing everyone cheer for you (especially my own uni of course) made performing the routine I practised for the last couple weeks sooo much fun! We even ended up overall first (!!), so continued to compete at Nationals (which is now two weeks ago). Although you where allowed to keep your routine from regionals, which most people did, I thought it would be more fun to make a new routine! So I decided to go for the French song Loin, by Maître Gims, and styled the outfit and choreo very boho/natural. The national competition was all the way in Newcastle, so we went there with the pole crew one day before and slept at the hotel. Was a fun sleepover :P I was wayyy less nervous for this performance, because I knew what to expect now. Just became a bit nervous when I was backstage and seeing the two girls performing before me (I was up 3rd), and waiting and waiting… but this time I really enjoyed the performance :) And I guess it showed, because I became 3rd in my category! So crazy! Third place at Nationals in the intermediate category after barely 1 year of training! This whole pole journey has been so much fun already and I’m super motivated to continue training and become better!


You can find some video’s of my routines on my Instagram!

Beyonce partition inspired outfit


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